Leadership is a unique chapter.

Each person’s life is a book and within are chapters of experiences. For most, leadership is a new chapter:

  • Moving from individual contributor to first level leader
  • Transitioning from first level leader to business unit leader
  • Preparing for a role on the Executive Team
  • Addressing challenges inherent with leadership

A 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey reported that while 80% of the respondents rated leadership as a high priority for their organizations, only 41% felt their organizations were ready or very ready to meet their leadership requirements.

And therein lies the opportunity.

Organizations who invest in accelerating the pace at which leaders reach peak effectiveness will have the competitive advantage. Next Chapter Coaching and Development has been created to assist individual leaders, teams and organizations to be more effective in closing the gap between current performance and maximum potential.

Whether you are an individual leader or you represent your organization’s leadership development effort, are you ready to begin a unique chapter?

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Need help in identifying your Change Leaders and developing your High Potentials? Now offering the TALENTx7 assessment of Learning Agility. For more information, go here.


For the Introverted Leader Leading as an Introvert requires a mindset different from that of an extrovert. A 90 minute webinar designed to provide tangible ways of having greater impact as an introverted leader.

Achieving Maximum Agility There are two paths to success in any organization, both of which require the ability to use one’s knowledge and capabilities in new ways. A 90 minute webinar designed to define agility, introduce the seven facets of agility and provide a methodology for increasing one’s agility.

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