Facilitators are catalysts for meaningful change.

Leaders, peers, parents, friends, teachers, religious leaders and so on could all be called facilitators in that by many means they start the change process. Professional facilitators just have a more holistic notion of desired results, frameworks to apply, and a process that underlies what they do.

Masterful Facilitation: Becoming a catalyst for meaningful change was written to begin to quantify the things I was learning in my work. It is intended as a starting point for thinking about what it means to initiate change for others. I hope you find it helpful.

Reviews of Masterful Facilitation:

Masterful Facilitation has all the ingredients of a wonderful business book.It’s deep, yet makes you laugh.It’s based on solid theory, yet is solidly practical. It’s a great tool for professional leaders, yet one to be taken home for great parenting and spousing.

Chip Bell, consultant and author of Customers as Partners and Managers as Mentors.

“This book offers a clear, orderly description of facilitation. Its strength is in the stories of facilitation, which are lively and filled with real world conflicts”.

Peter Block, consultant and author of Flawless Consulting and Stewardship

“This book is much deeper than traditional descriptions of facilitation. Kiser’s definition is provocative; it’s a process for organizational sustainability. This book is for anyone working with team – not just HR professionals.”

Charlotte Roberts, consultant and co-author of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook
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