Senior leader coaching

Veteran executives may undergo significant transitions as their career progresses. The move from business unit leader to a member of the executive team brings with it new stakeholders, more visibility and and a new sense of responsibility for the organization. Preparing for, and becoming a part of, the C-suite necessitates a heightened awareness of one’s impact on the organization, the Board, the investors and the community outside the organization. Likewise, the recognition that one’s career is drawing to a close can bring about its own set of challenges. Such transitions impact one’s personal world as well as one’s organizational world.

At no other time is it as important for an executive to pause, reflect on what it all means, get clear on one’s purpose, and formulate a strategy for making the most of the next chapter. With experience coaching senior executives in a variety of industries, we bring an outside perspective to what’s going on inside the leader, and work to bring clarity to the path ahead.

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