Coaching for teams

Whether it is in the Board Room, the C-suite, or elsewhere in the organization, there are fundamental elements that need to be in place for high performance:

  • Clarity of, and alignment with, the overall purpose of the group
  • A clear shared understanding of the desired end result
  • Clearly established roles and areas of accountability
  • Tangible individual and team goals and agreement on how they will be measured
  • A shared commitment to building trust and the means to do so
  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of individual differences
  • Mutual agreement on how the group will make decisions, resolve conflict, recognize effort and other operational norms

Teams who fail to address these fundamental issues can still be effective. They will not reach the full measure of their effectiveness nor will they be as efficient as they could be.

Team coaching is designed to help the team identify the current level of effectiveness, clarify the desired end result, and address the barriers that are inhibiting high performance. These sessions facilitate honest dialogue around substantive issues and are customized for each individual team.

Coaching for coaches

Examples of results from coaching

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