Level Three Leadership

Success in business depends more on relationships than spreadsheets.

Alan Cohen, author of The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Level Three leaders are responsible for crafting the strategy for the business, creating value, building sustainability and managing the relationships with key stakeholder groups – the Board, the investor community, key strategic customers and the community outside the boundaries of the organization. In addition to their complete understanding of the business model, these leaders should possess the highest degree of interpersonal relationship skills.

Whether a leader has been recognized as a potential C-suite candidate or is already in a senior executive position, the development for Level Three leaders is largely done through customized interventions addressing specific issues. Such interventions may be directed at one individual leader or a group such as the Executive Team or the Board.

Few things are more important to an organization than to ensure that senior executives have an opportunity to pause, reflect and learn from all they have experienced and to be thoughtful about the way forward. Development may include:

  • Clarification of one’s purpose
  • Clear articulation of the expectations of key stakeholder groups
  • Assessment of one’s current level of impact on others both inside and outside the organization
  • Recognition of the internal and external forces driving the leader’s behavior
  • Clarification of the leader’s desired legacy
  • Consideration of the leader’s next chapter
  • Assessment of one’s executive presence and gravitas.
  • An in-depth analysis of the organizational and interpersonal dynamics surrounding the leader

Specific development approaches are customized for the Executive or Team involved. We will be happy to discuss our work with Level Three leaders.

Delivery Methodologies

Client Examples

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