Achieving Maximum Agility Webinar

ACHIEVING MAXIMUM AGILITY: Enhancing the odds of personal and professional success

There are two paths to success in any organization. One path leads to becoming a functional expert and thought leader. Another path leads to organizational leadership and serving as a people leader. Each path requires some degree of agility – the ability to find new solutions to new problems – yet the necessary capabilities of a thought leader are different from those of a people leader. The question becomes

“How much and of what type of agility do I need to be successful in my current role and in future roles?”

This 90-minute webinar provides participants with a deeper understanding of the importance of agility to success, the degree to which they currently demonstrate the seven facets of agility and a plan for enhancing their capabilities where needed:

You will explore:

You will take away:

  • The two paths to success – deciding which path makes the most sense for your future
  • Why agility is important – how we thrive in an increasingly complex world
  • Your current level of agility– determining how well you are positioned for current and future roles
  • Supercharging your agility – choosing methods to grow your agile capabilities
  • An enhanced understanding of the value of agility
  • A knowledgeable perspective on the elements of agility
  • A snapshot of your current level of agility
  • A plan for achieving greater results by activating more of your agility

Your Webinar Leader

Glenn Kiser is the Founder and Managing Director of Next Chapter Coaching and Development. Glenn is a certified coach in the Talent x7 assessment of agility, and he has presented programs on the topic for Goodyear, Deloitte, and others.

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