Identifying Change Leaders

Remember the days when we created FIVE YEAR strategic plans? When we felt confident enough in the stability of the business environment to base critical decisions on past performance? When we convinced ourselves that the path forward was somewhat of a straight line from “here” to “there”?

Leaders today face an unprecedented level of uncertainty. Even if we do scenario planning to imagine the most likely of several possible futures, we now know that something unimaginable can happen that will make much of that planning fodder for the shredder. To effectively lead through this degree of uncertainty requires leaders who can – in the mantra of the Marines – adapt, improvise and overcome.

Can you find the people in your organization who can lead you through the necessary changes – who can adapt, improvise and overcome? That is, can you identify your LEARNING AGILE LEADERS?

The TALENTx7 framework

The TALENTx7 instrument is designed to help identify leaders who already possess the capabilities to lead change, and to help future leaders identify factors that need further development. Unique among self-assessments, the TALENTx7 contains controls that help determine whether or not the participant answers in a consistent manner and the extent to which the data is an accurate reflection of the leader’s capabilities.

The assessment consists of 148 total questions and takes from 20-30 minutes to complete. It can be administered to an individual as part of a coaching engagement, or to a group of individuals as part of a developmental experience that includes an individual debrief and a group report (with anonymous data).

The report identifies the degree to which the individual behaves in a way that is consistent with agile, adaptable leadership:

1.  Are critical and strategic thinkers – Cognitive Perspective

2.  Understand others and work with them effectively – Interpersonal Acumen

3.  Possess an insatiable appetite for change and innovation – Change Alacrity

4.  Are highly motivated to get things done – Drive to Excel

5.  Are acutely aware of what is happening around them – Environmental Mindfulness

6.  Seek feedback and take action on the results – Feedback Responsiveness

7.  Understand themselves and their strengths, weaknesses, etc. – Self-Insight

The TALENTx7 is an excellent tool to use when evaluating and developing High Potential individuals as it identifies specific areas of learning agility that are needed for both current and future roles, and aids in matching developmental needs to job assignments and mentors.

As a certified TALENTx7 coach, we are happy to provide you with further information on the assessment, its use, and the benefits to your organization. Please contact us here

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