Facilitators are catalysts for meaningful change.

Trainers, coaches, consultants, mentors, parents, teachers, friends, bosses and others can all serve in certain instances as catalysts. The question to ask is: does the interaction result in meaningful change?

A word about what facilitation is NOT: it is not always about making things “easier” . The greatest benefit often comes from one’s struggles – if there is someone there to help pause, reflect and learn from them.

At NCCD, our facilitation work often involves:

  • Leading virtual and in-person development programs that enhance the knowledge and capability of others
  • Engaging in one to one coaching relationship to enable the individual to achieve more of his/her potential
  • Leading dialogues between team members to increase the operating effectiveness of the team

The type of facilitator needed is dependent on the desired outcome, and we have experience in multiple facilitator roles. Each of these is appropriate in the right circumstances:

Level One: Content Deliverer

Level Two: Learning Guide

Level Three: Context Leader

Level Four: Process Facilitation

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