Level One : Content Delivery

Content Deliverer

In this type of facilitation, the objective is to deliver well-defined content with a high degree of energy. The emphasis is on adhering to the agenda as opposed to ensuring depth of learning. Facilitator competency at this level is defined by presentation ability, enthusiasm, humor, and ability to control the process. Suitable for keynote presentations and virtual/classroom training with audiences who have limited experience in the subject matter.

Examples of our work:

  • 6 five-hour sessions for 150 new managers (each session) in an oil and gas company.
  • A one-hour key note for a total of 300 leaders with twenty in person and the remainder virtual.
  • Multiple 3-hour sessions for several hundred high potential interns in a professional services firm.

Level Two: Learning Guide

Level Three: Context Leader

Level Four: Process Facilitation

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