Are you ready for coaching?

“When the learner is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni 


Gaining the most benefit from coaching requires time and dedication for the individual to pause, reflect and learn. There are circumstances where the leader is completely preoccupied with his/her challenges making it difficult to see opportunities and a way forward. As an aid to determining your readiness for coaching, consider the following:

  • Now is not the time: Stressful life events have occurred and normal functioning is impaired beyond the scope of a coaching intervention.
  • The benefit is questionable: Overly confident in his/her capabilities; does not see a need to change; actively resists the coaching process; is hostile toward the coach and others.
  • Willing to try: Some initial skepticism of the coaching process; assessment data comes as a “wake up call”; has a growing awareness of the need for change and a desire for different results.
  • Ready for something new: Has a need to continue to learn and grow; strong need to reach potential; proactively seeks to understand his/her impact on others; widely read and open to other perspectives; modest and has a realistic view of self.

If you fall into the Now is not the time category, you may be experiencing work and/or personal issues that have you feeling completely overwhelmed, without the resources you need to understand the issues and engage fully in problem solving at this moment. We encourage you to seek professional help to address the current situation and postpone coaching until you have the strength to fully engage.

Leaders at the The benefit is questionable level are supremely confident in their own resourcefulness and thus see little value in the opinions of others. There may be deep- seated personality issues at work, and there usually is a strong resistance to changing anything unless the person experiences a significant emotional event that causes him/her to reexamine his/her situation. Coaching may be possible as long as all parties recognize the challenge.

Coaching can be highly successful at the Willing to try and Ready for something new levels of coachability, and there is a high degree of probability that learning and growth will take place.

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