Level Three: Context Leader

Context Leader

The primary responsibility of the context leader is to aid the participants in developing an in-depth understanding of how efficiently and effectively the organization is operating and the relevant strengths and barriers to superior performance. While there may be an agenda of key focus areas, the facilitator must carefully track discussions and may recognize that the group’s energy is around a different topic. Facilitator competence at this level includes the ability to monitor the energy in the room, a substantial degree of understanding of how effective senior teams function, a breadth of knowledge of relevant business models and examples, the ability to challenge senior leaders and deal effectively with being challenged, and the ability to ask the right question at the right time.

Examples of our work:

  • A one-day strategic planning session with the Visitors Bureau for a major city
  • A three day program for mid-level managers in a manufacturing company.
  • A two week program for new engagement managers in a consulting firm.

Level Four: Process Facilitation

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