Introverted Leader Webinar

FOR INTROVERTED LEADERS: Maximizing your impact without losing your “self”

A study by Harvard Business Review found that while extroverts make up about 50% of the population, 96% of the leaders surveyed demonstrated primarily extroverted characteristics. Another study found that only 2% of leaders identify as introverted. We can hypothesize that organizational cultures often default to extroverted characteristics as the model of a successful leader, and even those who are introverted feel pressured follow the extroverted path. This is unfortunate in that introverted leaders are more effective than their extroverted colleagues in some situations.

Leading as an Introvert is not the same as Extroverted leadership.

If you are an introverted leader, you have probably experienced that feeling of exhaustion after a day filled with meetings, client interactions, and casual conversations with your team. Would it be helpful to have tools that enable you to have impact in a way that is consistent with your style?

This 2-hour webinar provides the Introverted Leader with a deeper understanding of what it means to operate from an introverted perspective, how to focus your energy to maximize effectiveness without draining your batteries, how to prepare for engaging with others in meetings and social settings, and how to influence others in a way that is consistent with an introvert’s style.

You will explore:

You will take away:

  • The wiring in your brain – how introverted thinking differs from extroverted thinking (and what we are actually doing while the extroverts are talking)
  • Coping with too much extroversion – how to recover when your brain has overdosed on extroverted energy
  • Superpowers of the introvert – what they are and how to use them
  • Prepping for engagement – investing energy upfront to conserve energy when interacting with others
  • Influencing for introverts – how to motivate others to action while being yourself
  • Enhanced clarity of how you want to lead others
  • A methodology for creating space for your point of view
  • A technique for maximizing your impact when you get the space
  • A step-by step process for preparing to engage in business and social settings
  • Techniques that are consistent with your style that you can use to influence others
  • Resources for deepening your understanding of introversion

Your Webinar Leader

Glenn Kiser is the Founder and Managing Director of Next Chapter Coaching and Development. In his 40 year career helping leaders reach their full potential, he has worked with hundreds of introverted leaders to help them recognize their superpowers and to use them for maximum impact.

Having lived life as an introvert, he understands the challenges of navigating an extroverted world. He delights in meeting other introverts and not saying anything.

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