Level Two: Learning Guide

Learning Guide

More experienced audiences necessitate a greater degree of facilitation competence and life experience. The objective is to enable the participants to develop a new perspective, gain a greater depth of knowledge and increased competence, and take action based on the learning. Facilitators are expected to have deeper subject matter knowledge, a rich repertoire of business experiences and examples, an ability to engage the audience in dialogue that takes advantage of what they already know, and the ability to deviate from the program content if it addresses important group issues.

Examples of our work:

  • A 3 1/2 day new manager program for a leading HVAC company.
  • A nine-day three module business leader program for general managers of a medical device company.
  • A two day program to increase the communication capabilities of executives of a professional services firm.

Level Three: Context Leader

Level Four: Process Facilitation

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