Favorite coaching examples

  • A high-potential leader in multi-national professional services firm had difficulty transitioning into a leadership role. The executive identified changes in both mindset and behaviors to achieve a more sustainable approach to leadership.
  • A Japanese ex-pat leader of a US- based electronics company was able to identify more effective ways of leading a multi-national team. The executive was promoted to business unit leader with global responsibility. “It is nothing but fruit of your coaching. Thank you very much for the excellent guidance you’ve given me.”
  • A candidate for the CEO position of a Fortune 500 bio-tech firm was able to more clearly articulate her vision, leverage her strengths and plan for her transition into a role as leader of the firm.
  • A senior IT director in a premium brand sporting goods organization was able to better recognize his impact on the people around him, communicate in new ways that built greater trust and stronger relationships and more effectively guide his team through massive organizational change.

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